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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gabriel Scott Johnson

-- The first thing I saw was the hotel. I know that Gabriel was abandoned there by his mom. I feel she met the people there, a couple. I see Elizabeth bring Gabriel in her arms out the front and down the side, she placed him in a diaper type bag. Looks greenish, pale mint color, a little faded and worn. I see him resting on the surface of trash in the trash can. The couple left a little after to collect. It's like I almost hear their scheme.
Elizabeth _ I'll walk out, with Gabriel, It will be normal. You leave babyless, normal, pick him up and were done. She sounds almost heartless. I see jewelry. A gold ring with a green stone. I hear the word Jade, but the stone is to translucent to be a jade stone. Maybe the owners name. There's a necklace. Silver, nothing really worth anything. I also see a charm bracelet, one charm is a gold unicorn and the other is a solid turquoise dolphin. There are many other charms but the image is not clear.
As far as Gabriel's well being, Im not clear. He is very very sensitive. Although he is young, he is very aware of his surroundings and feelings. I think he might be ill because he's not with his parents, not fed well, just not cared for well. He knows something is not right.
The lady that has him has a beauty mark on her cheek. It's not big, but it is noticeable even by her profile. She was wearing a pink top. Where ever the went, the crossed a bridge. # 27 keeps coming to me.
Elizabeth will never tell where Gabriel is. She will take this to her grave. This was well planned for a while. She's not well, she wants to die, she craves attention. she likes the anger. There's a lot of anger.


  1. Can you do more posts on Gabriel Please

  2. Yes, I will try to do more on Gabriel. I'm working on a few other cases for families but I will see what I can do.