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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Susan Powell - Missing 7 Dec. 2009 from West Valley City, Utah

Susan Powell, 28, was last seen on Dec. 7, 2009 when her husband says he left their suburban home in West Valley City, Utah at about 12:30 a.m. to take their two boys, ages 2 and 4, camping in freezing conditions. She was reported missing on the same day when she failed to show up for her stockbroker job and her children were not dropped off at day care.

15 March 2010 - Initial Photo Reading of Susan Powell. I have seen this photo of Susan Powell a number of times. But I had never done a reading on her. I instantly felt as though she is deceased.

I also felt as though she was in the process of leaving her husband, perhaps not right away, but she was making plans to leave her husband. But I feel as though something escalated in the household and she was attempting to get out of the house with her children. I am getting that she was knocked around a lot by her husband. Very abusive. He could be set off fairly easily. She was sick of the constant unpredictability of his behavior and afraid for her children and how her husband's behavior was effecting her children. She was seeing some violent (wrote violet initially) tendencies in a male child.

I see a lot of enjoyment of the outdoors in her, and some athleticism in her life, I think in the past, perhaps during her school years? She was strong physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

I don't feel that she was inside the house when she was murdered. I feel as though she may have initially gone to another place, a motel perhaps? Or at least she attempted to go to a motel. I don't think she made it though. I see that she was in a large SUV, dark blue perhaps. I see the children in the back seat, but then I don't see them anymore. I see a road that looks like it's fairly remote. Big trees on either side of the road. I don't really know how or why she was stopped. But I see her now outside the vehicle. A man grabbed her by the hair and whipped her to the ground beside the driver's side of the vehicle. She was basically beaten to death. She was hidden somewhere right there on the spot and someone returned later to take her body elsewhere to be buried. I really think she was still alive and then died sometime later and was deceased when someone returned to take her elsewhere.

I think she was taken to a rather remote, familiar place to her and to the rest of the family. Near or at a lake. But the entire area seems very remote to me. Whoever returned for her had a plan, tools for digging, and a blue plastic tarp I think. They worked carefully. I just noticed that I said "they." I think there was help and another member or two of the husband's family perhaps? A brother and/or father perhaps? I think they also brought changes of clothing. They were all well-aware of how they could be implicated with any hint of evidence. And it became almost like they were playing out some weird TV episode and the crime became more of a game to them, totally disassociating from the crime itself.

I am not seeing the children. I see them in the back of the vehicle and then I don't see them. I am wondering if someone in the husband's family is in law enforcement or perhaps the forestry service? I don't know what happened to the children. I am not sensing that they are deceased, or maybe I just don't want to consider this. I just don't know.

Okay, I kept seeing various locations for Susan's body. I think there was a lot of conversation about where to dispose of her body and I am not so sure that she wasn't actually moved from one location to another. I see some sort of warehouse where they are talking about all this. Perhaps the workplace of one of the helpers? Just guessing but someone has a connection to this location. The warehouse is off and away from anything. You have to drive a way to get to it. Odd location for a warehouse. It looks mostly empty to me. I don't have a real good beat on this.

But the most prevalent thing I keep seeing is some sort of utility area that services a small community or some sort of "outpost" I keep wanting to say. I don't know what Outpost could mean. You know those electrical gizmos that you see with those towers and things that look they could be attached to some science project? I know I am not explaining this very well. I don't know what they're called. But there's usually a small concrete building, something along those lines. But then I also see like a sewer utility as well. I just keep getting some sort of rural utility outpost, where perhaps electrical, water, sewer service is available to service a small town, community or subdivision of some sort. Chain linked fence around the immediate area of the utility. Manhole covers, some round, some square. Holes that were drilled and never used for some reason. Small concrete slab with these metal feet mounted to it. Loose gravel type material around the site.

Someone involved in the disposal of the body knows about all this. Perhaps he even works as a maintenance person for these outposts? I can't think of another word to use besides outpost. Or maybe construction of these places, perhaps whoever builds these gizmos? Seems rural to me. Remote. I also see a fire tower at one point. Looks wooden to me but stained kind of a dark burgundy color? High up. I think forestry connection again. And I can also see another wooden structure that is a residence for some sort for a forestry resident or officer or whatever they call someone in the forestry service.

Oh the other thing I got was a borrowed vehicle or a vehicle that does not belong to Susan's family to transport the body? I don't think it belongs to one of the helpers either though. So I don't know. Perhaps whoever provided the vehicle doesn't know for what purpose it was used. Something along these lines. I believe it might have been a van perhaps. Darker color? Seems like it might have been a construction type van and in the back of the vehicle, nooks and crannies where a body could be concealed amongst tools, white buckets, folded up tarps? Other stuff too that I don't recognize.

Okay, my husband just told me that those gizmos I was trying to describe are called transfer stations. Yes, I kept getting the word station, too. Yes, transfer station. That feels right to me.


  1. For some reason I keep getting the feeling that she is located in or around Echo Reservoir. Maybe if I send you links to this area you can get a reading off of it.

    There are also some not so easy to access bodies of water in the Uinta Mountains. However, I am really feeling Echo.

  2. Thanks!!! I passed the info along. I really hope they find her.

  3. Okay, I'm not a psychic or whatever, but I did appear in the back of a large vehicle and was with 2 blond young boys - I drifted out and noticed the vehicle was a dark SUV - I also see a dark tarp - I see trees but not dense woods kinda like a campground maybe working-class - to the right corner of the SUV I think there is a house or cabin maybe - to the back maybe a drop off or a creek. I awoke went to the kitchen turned CNN on and the story of Susan Powell was on with her picture with the two boys I saw in the back SUV.