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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Susan Powell

16 March 2010 - Additional Information and Vision

Yesterday when I kept getting the word "station" I actually forgot that I got that until my husband came in and told me about the "utility transfer station" that I was trying to describe yesterday. Now, I am not absolutely sure but I think the original reference was to a "ranger station." I saw some sort of residence for a forest ranger and something that looked like a fire tower. Anything like this in the area or on the way to where you've been looking, Laura?

To Laura: I didn't see anything that looked like skylights on that Utility Transfer Station. My view or perspective was close up.

Vision: Last night I tried to get myself moving in the direction that Susan was taken and I just couldn't get moving. I just couldn't move. but I did get a little more information. I hope it's useful in some way.

The first thing I see is this sketch on a piece of paper. The sketch indicates a lake or some body of water that is fairly recognizable as a lake. In the northwest position, someone drew a lone mountain, standing alone. Then I saw these white bands of light emanating outward and upward out of the mountain. The white bands of light glowed. It surprised me a little to see this. Don't know what this could mean.

Then I saw this very young woman standing on a curb in some town or city. She was in a fairly busy area. There were cars, lights from shops, etc. She had long, brown hair and she was quite stylish. A real clothes horse. She was taller than average and very leggy. I am not absolutely sure, but I think she had on shorts, some sort of long-sleeved sweater, a vest (perhaps leather) and scarf, and some sort of hat, perhaps a cloche (like Alli McGraw wore in the movie, Love Story). She may have had on boots up to the knee. Her appearance was impressive but way over the top. Reminded me of a hooker, but definitely not a street hooker. Perhaps call girl, exotic dancer. She seemed to have an expectation that someone was going to be picking her up there. She had her cellphone in her right hand or something like a cell phone, I believe, making me think she was left-handed. She had just made a call or texted someone and seemed to be waiting for a reply from whomever she contacted. She was definitely expecting someone, to be picked up by someone. My perspective was from behind her. She turned her head to the right and I saw her in profile. She was gorgeous but very, very young. I would say anywhere from 19 to 24. When I came out of this vision, I wondered if Susan's husband had a girlfriend and this was a rendezvous.

As I connected with Susan, I got was a whole lot of physical stuff. I will try to list in order of how I received these things.
1. My left wrist started hurting really badly and my left hand was up against my left breast.
2. Then behind my left breast, into my chest cavity and heart area, that started hurting really badly, like a stabbing pain.
3. Then the four fingers on my right hand started hurting really badly. And I sensed that her left wrist and the four fingers on her right hand were broken.
3. Then my lower back started aching, from hip to hip, accompanied by pain around both kidneys and I sensed having been kicked repeatedly.
4. My left knee started aching and the ache radiated up and down my left leg.
5. Then, beginning below my left wrist into my left hand, I felt a prickly pain and this pain also started radiating all the up my left arm and into my left shoulder area.
6. Then I started feeling as though my body temperature was dropping and felt chilled, and then started feeling cold.
7. I also started feeling really sick to my stomach, like I could vomit.
At this point, I didn't want to continue feeling this. I just didn't want to go too far into these feelings. So, I stopped.

I think this was last night or during the night, but I put myself in a car to try to get myself moving. I did begin moving a little and kept seeing these metal boxes at the road's edge. They were mostly on the left side of the road. I recognize these as being a properties individual utility hook up. This utility "theme" is probably the most prevalent thing I've received.

**Note: When I woke up this morning, I began thinking about Susan again and started feeling sick to my stomach again.

Also, this morning I kept thinking about this utility transfer station and how I described it as servicing a small town or community (yesterday I also remember wanting to describe this area as a subdivision of sorts but I filtered that description out). I remember looking for signs of a small community yesterday but couldn't find anything, so your (Laura's) description of an area that had remnants of homes that were never finished rings true for me. I also described holes that were dug and never used or finished for some reason. I also think it's interesting that you saw a manhole cover. I did too. It might be my logical mind at work here, but I sense that she is in some sort of hole that was already dug out.

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  1. Those utility boxes you keep seeing on the left hand side of the street at the curb....could they possibly be mailboxes. In fancy schmancy new housing developments they have these big boxes where the mailman can drive up and place mail into 10-20 different addresses from that one spot. and then the homeowners walk to that mailbox and retrieve their mail from own box with a key. Just a suggestion. See those boxes a lot on TV