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Monday, July 12, 2010

Drake Kingston Boyd, 7 Mths. - Greene County TN

I was getting ready to click off the news to meditate this morning and I saw the amber alert for Drake.  I don't have many details but I wanted to get this posted before I took off.  What I have is 7 month old Drake was taken from his mother in Greene County TN after she was attacked.  I will post more info when I have it.

07/12/10 - I could see an industrial location.  It appeared to be one plant or business I think.  It reminded me of the pictures I took of that area in regard to Kyron  but what stood out were these large blue things that looked like dumpsters.  Maybe they were on a truck or something because they appeared to move but they were large, dark blue and had yellow letters.

The next think I know I was sort of floating over an office or something like that where there were multiple people doing the same thing.  I could see these machines and it reminded me of typewriters with those hard shell covers.  Sort of ivory in color, maybe hard shiny plastic?  I don't know what it was but it seemed they all were doing the same type of work on those machines.  It felt "not like a computer"  but I don't know why I want to say that exactly.  The office area and the industrial area may be part of the same thing. Maybe manufacturing of some sort.

Then I was standing in the doorway of what appeared to be a child's bedroom.  It seemed light and airy and there was a window with flowing like curtains.  Under the window was a dresser or shelf with drawers.  There were 2 little stuffed animals sitting on it.  They looked like monkeys.

It feels like this baby/mother were targeted.  Not random.  She may know who did this or be connected somehow.  But that could be my logical mind working since they do have a suspect. I feel like the baby will be dropped off as the heat intensifies on the suspect! I hope I'm right about that!!!

At the beginning I felt the motive had something to do with money or drugs.  He will receive payment for the baby???

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