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Monday, November 29, 2010

Gabriel Johnson

I have a few meditations to catch up on.  There was a time I didn't want to post but at this point I'm not sure that was a good idea.

04/26/10 - I had wanted to meditate and focus on Gabriel but I'm not sure this is about him or an older boy, Mickey Guidry.

 I could see the moon from what appeared to be a deep ravine or canyon.  It make me think more about Mickey than Gabriel but I will post it just in case.  I was going in my room holding Gabriels picture to place on my nightstand but I kept dropping it.  As I was walking into my room I could see the image of a starfish.  Then I could see the profile of a face but I couldn't even make out if was male or female.

05/01/10 - When I first tried to meditate on Gabriel I could see a big X but it was like more wide than big.  I'm not sure if that is a symbol or what?  I could see a B then Bolton or something like that.  Then I felt a different time zone. I do not know if its different from me or from Gabriel.  The AZ connection may be someone who traveled with Gabriel's mom or connected with her in TX but lives there in AZ.  I heard Missouri.  I tried to get a landmark from the city and I feel I started to see a large ship but it went away fast so I'm not sure.  I also saw a woman with brown hair.  It seemed to be think and she had bangs. I could see her kissing a baby.

05/03/10 - I was trying to focus on Gabriel and I forgot something about a "gay" connection???  (I can't remember exactly what that means.) I'm trying to see where he is then I all of a sudden see the face of a girl I went to school with.  She lives in Florida now.  Then I'm trying to narrow this down and I hear Sarasota.  I heard the name Catherine again and Greg.  Then I got a sideways Z and then Z as in zebra, then Zeke and then ZE like a ZE name.  I wonder if anyone looked into the possibility that she took the baby to hand him off in FL? Then I got a disturbing image of a baby in a plastic bag tied at the top, but it make me think more of a package.  I hope that indicates delivering him, like a package and not something worse because I feel she is capable of worse.

05/10/10 - Texas, green car with texas plates.  Rodeo Roundup, Missouri.  I was trying to get a location. I hear Goff.  Maybe street? I could see 1-27. This morning when I started to meditate I heard the name Eric right off and now Catherine or Christina. Its that sort of sounding name. I remember hearing the name Kevin as well but then later I got an email from a boy I also went to school with but hadn't heard from in over 20 years.  Kevin who has a brother Eric.  At this moment it makes me wonder why all of the kids from school that I hadn't seen for years and years are popping up????  This might just be timing.. things like FB but I can't help but wonder if it means more. I also got the feeling that whoever might have Gabriel probably has to work but she would be afraid to leave him with anyone without changing his appearance.  Rodeo round-up???  I don't know what that means.

(later I found a reference to a rodeo round-up in Missouri)

06/29/10 - I was trying to focus on Gabriel and before I could even get started I heard Milwaukee.  I could see what looked like half of a pair of sunglasses but really only the lens part.  Very dark and it had a reflection in it. It almost reminded me of a tv screen (turned off).  It make me think of having one eye and then I got Peru.  Very weird!!!  But I wondered if it could be indicating an ethnic area? Then I started to feel like they move Gabriel around a lot.  Its not safe to adopt him out.  His face has been out there way too much.  They move him between the people involved.  Milwaukee again.  A woman started out looking really old, bluish skin.  It was just weird.  Hevy set, tight frizzy curly hair like a bad perm.  Blonde 50ish or 60ish, its hard to tell.  Wears a lot of makeup and smokes.  Thats bad for Gabriel.  This woman either has him or knows where he is.  She may be suspect or on someones radar but not openly,  I saw an arrow going east then bending south.  I've seen that before.  The name Helen or Helaine or Elaine.  Its the sound, sounds like that. 

11/19/10 - I wanted to meditate on Gabriel again.  I heard Cincinnati or Sin City? Something that sounded like that.  Seems crazy.  I have questions about one of the many people who have contacted me about Gabriel.

Gabriel is changing.  They need to get an age progression done for him. Mary.. he might not be found for years.  He is changing and growing up but people are still looking for baby Gabriel. They have to change his hair and keep moving around with him.  He has had too much exposure.  A fork in the road.


  1. Hi Diana,So these people baought gabriel from his mother hmm mother. They want to just keep moving and running around the world just to keep gabriel. Its so risky and time consuming. Pointless!

  2. I don't think they are running around the world with him but I do believe that if he is alive and was given to an underground, illegal adoption agency then they are faced with the publicity that has ensued around this little boy. Putting him out into a family situation in a community anywhere would be risky. That would be common sense.

  3. Do you think gabriel was sold to a gay couple? hmm

  4. I'm not sure what that means.. I mentioned it just in case it does.