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Friday, June 18, 2010

Jermaine Davis, Age 10 - Pamplico, SC

Classified as:  Endangered Missing
Date Missing:  June 7, 2010
Missing From:  Pamplico, South Carolina
Missing Country: USA
DOB: 08/11/99
Age Now: 10

The other day I hit on a name in another case, Jermaine, and someone mentioned this boy.  I had just posted his picture on the site so I thought I would try to do a meditation on his and see if I could help.  I really hadn't seen or read the details so I'm a little confused as to what I got.

06/17/10 - Is he gone? Yes.. Was he taken? No  I mostly asked that because I had not read the details of his case.  I should have been more specific.  I could see a video game back in a little space, like it was not a game room, but a video game machine in another business.  It reminded me of CiCi's where I had taken my kids for a birthday party and they had a few games for the kids to play. I could see a boy, but not Jermaine.  He was red-headed and freckle faced.  He reminded me of a little boy who goes to school with my son.  The feeling I got was that Jermaine is very ornery, like this boy.  Sometimes gets into a little trouble.  His mom sometimes has trouble handling him.  But when she is not around, he is a lot more behaved.  I guess that describes most kids.

I saw a boy on a skate board.  Then I saw a dog and then there were more dogs.  They seemed to surround a small animal, curious at first and then start getting aggressive as more joined in.  It wasn't like a dog attack.  It was more like bullies.  The thought just keeps playing in my mind that they were not wolves but dogs.  The name Jack, then Jennifer.  I'm not sure if its just a J name or those are names connected.

I kept seeing a black woman, older I think.  Very striking in her appearance, to me anyway.  She wore a scarf around her head, a black shirt and a flowing very colorful skirt, almost tapestry looking for loss of a better way to describe it.  She had on a lot of jewelry, long heavy gold and beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets.  She felt very mystic to me.  I just am at a loss for accurately describing her.  I was drawn to her appearance.

Then my thoughts shifted to a place with metal counters and shelves.  On the shelves were those very large cans of food, like in a restaurant or something but then I thought soup kitchen.  I wondered if someone connected to him did some type of volunteer work.  I think that is where the name Jennifer came in.

I began to see a beautiful, antique looking heart shaped locket.  The locket was gold and had some engraving on the front.  Maybe ties back in to the black woman.  Then I felt grandmotherly, like someone who wanted to take care of  him.

After I finished my meditation I looked at the information surrounding this boy.  I see that he is considered a runaway but LE and the media don't seem too be too overly concerned.  That is very sad.   He was in foster care and his foster mom is frantic.  They believe he may be looking for his mom who may be in jail.

I know I shouldn't analyze but I am going to a little.  The dogs I believe might point to the the trouble a little boy could get into all alone out there.  Older kids, or even adults come in sniffing around, realize he is a runaway and that there isn't a lot of focus on him? That could be very bad for this boy.

What I'm hoping about the black woman is that she represents someone who will help him.  Maybe give him food or shelter.  I pray that he finds his way to someone like this who will help him.  Other than that I feel this doesn't really offer many clues.  Unless someone recognizes something that will point in some direction, maybe the woman.


  1. As soon as I focused on this boy, I felt that he ran away, and then I saw ballons, so its interesting you mention birthday party!

  2. I think they believe he did run away.

  3. I did not read the article, just clicked on his pic, so thats validating, then I read your post! I sure hope the lady you mention IS taking care of him.

  4. hi diane my thoughts are here and i have just ben told he was found safe and well thanks jacqui

  5. Thanks Jacqui. I haven't been able to find the news story. If you find a link could you post it? Thanks!!

  6. I have been searching and trying to find out if Jermaine has been found or not. I did read one very cryptic message but to me, if the FBI and/or the police did know that he was not missing then I am sure they would have notified the media. What would be the point of keeping this going? A simple "he is safe but we cannot comment any further" is more likely than deceiving everyone into thinking he is missing. Just my logical mind at work here.

  7. Hi Diana

    Jermaine has been found safe. Link to the article

  8. That is so great! thanks!!!

  9. he is on street selling drugs he was traded for a teen from ny or new ? he is in danger and is running with drugs he is using and is in another stare the drug dealer name starts with l has a cousin marvin? theres a big dog rides in the car he will turn up dead in 5 years if not found watch the skinny tall kid with the accent and listen to the nerdy kid a kid is telling family and is being ignored this is a fifth grader he is on the right track a family member that is in trouble with law had beef with them the guy in the family that punched this kid in the face caused this there was a drive by also he is alive and willingly away the man with the dog tatoo will shed light go to the hair place thats popular and listen to the rumers he is being used as shooter for out of area gang exchange, rubin