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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Luella May Edge, Age 80 - Bellaire Ohio

This blog is mainly dedicated to the cause of finding missing children. However, sometimes I feel we should take a look at the missing and endangered adults that could use our help. 

Luella May Edge, age 80,  walked away from the Country Club Estates Retirement Center on Friday, April 30, 2010. Luella suffers from Alzheimers and she is still out there.  Authorities believe someone may be helping and/or hiding her.

05/07/10 - I saw the letter R. The Ohio River. I could see an old, large oak tree, or big type of tree like that. It seemed like the grass was overgrown around it and it was dark. Then I could see something spread out or set out and it reminded me of a picnic. There may be a picnic area near by.

The letter R again and a name with Ro like Robert. I could see a man standing on a porch. He has dark hair and maybe tallish, slim or thin build. He was wearing what looked like a hospital gown.

Now this is the first time I have ever seen this or felt it in the years I've been doing this but... I feel he is a ghost and I think he had something to do with her leaving. She can see him. Maybe he is or was her husband or someone close to her??? Perhaps she is trying to go to some place that was special to her. She feels like she was a nice lady, but with a fiery personality in her prime.

05/08/10 - I see an double arch, like McDonalds but sideways. I hear the name Betty and it make me think of the R name again. I wonder if it is associated? I feel Betty is a friend who may be helping her or wants to help her. I get the feeling that she will go into a McDonalds?? The number 9 or 9th. I was trying to get a fix on where she is and I got "chimes" then I could hear chimes or bells like if you were walking into a store.

I tried to find a news story about her and I found this pic.. explains the oak tree I guess.
I think I also got something about a cemetary??? I may have brushed it off thinking that her father and husband are probably dead.. Now, looking at a map if you go from where she was towards the river there is a cemetery. Perhaps that is the direction they need to be looking??

05/09/10 This morning the first thing that flashed through my mind was a woman, 50's or 60's I think. She had what reminded me of a "do" like my mother in law. Like the ladies that go to the beauty parlor every week. Just sort of up and styled, reddish, brownish medium to light.. I can't really describe the color other than it reminds me of my my mother in law which I know doesn't help anyone. She was a medium to larger built woman. I felt like she might be a relative but it was quick.

I keep trying to visualize where Luella is but all I get is in an older town, small town I think. I also keep feeling east due to the fact that I first got Ohio River and I believe the river is east of the retirement home.

Every time I try to focus on her I get interrupted..I'm beginning to wonder if that means anything???

05/10/10 The first thing I saw was what looked like a large bowl of something that looked like chicken nuggets, small pieces of something that looked coated or breaded.

I was trying to visualize where she is and I got left but east then "east is not left". I have no idea what that means other than perhaps direction.

I wanted to get the name of a city or place and I heard pine and then I could see a small waterfall. I could see a wooded area and trees with a little place underneath where someone could have gotten under, out of the rain or weather. It worries me now that she might be gone.

There is one more thing.. almost every time I go to type in her name I type in Luella May Hodges.  I do not know if Hodges means anything but I've done it several times!

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