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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kayleah Wilson

Kayleah Wilson, age 12, went missing from Greeley, CO on March 28, 2010.

04/08/10 – Kayleah Wilson, I felt from the beginning that this girl is dead. I also feel there is a connection to the meditation I had on 02/11/10 “At some point I saw a child in the trash lying by a dumpster in an alley or something. He/she had been put in a box and the box was now open but this felt older than a baby. I feel maybe male but all I could really make out were his legs, jeans and sneakers, red I think.” It was a meditation about Gabriel but I knew this didn’t fit because I felt older and the red shoes made female stick in my head.“

I can see an alley, it reminds me of a little alley down between the buildings of the Upshur Co. court house..small, very business but it leads to a road that is still small seems so similar or familiar. It’s small but very busy. I guess the alley I’m seeing is kind of in between the two, but appears dark.. or I’m seeing in the dark.

I’m trying to get a feeing about Kayleah. I see an airplane or maybe a rocket, which seemed strange for a girl. The rocket almost felt like a model. I get that she likes space and maybe even wants to be an astronaut someday. She also likes science. A bit of a tomboy.

She shows me the alley again. I see the initials or letters M C. I wanted to see what she could see now and I hear the name Jerry. I can see a big with house that almost seems like it might now be a historical location or turned into something like a library??? It seems to be an old mansion style house. In front of the house, if I’m looking straight at it, I can see a tree stump to the left. There may be an iron fence, one of those old style black ones with the pointy things.. Then I see a smaller house or building right near the big house, probably on the same property. Then she is showing me horses, maybe even near the house, I’m not sure. It almost doesn’t feel like where she is, but a place she likes. I can’t be certain but I feel more of what happened being associated with that alley.  I think the horse thing is that she loves horses.

Then I see a bracelet. It is a little beaded bracelet that seems to be red and green or maybe pink/dark pink and green?? Little pearly beads, alternating in size and some silver spacers. It seemed shiny.

Just before I put her picture down I felt “she loves her dad”. I feel a younger male, maybe a brother? I keep feeling something about the 20th. Perhaps she will be found around the 20th?

Something I just thought about.. I have seen a couple of reports about this little girl on the news, but nothing about the parents or family.. makes me curious.


  1. May 19th, 2010 CBS News reports:
    Police retrieved a badly decomposed body from an irrigation ditch in northern Colorado on Wednesday, about a half-mile from the home of the missing sixth-grader, but could not immediately make an identification.

    "Given the size of the person and its state of decomposition, it's a possibility," Sgt. Joe Tymkowych said, but was cautious about jumping to conclusions.

    The date above "20th" was pretty close. Not sure of the exact location to see if the other predictions are true also.

  2. Wow, they identified the body found as belonging to Kayleah on the 20th. There is the "20th" thing.

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  4. This case is so sad, but what is more sad is that it seems to be happening more and more. I cannot wrap my mind around the idea that someone could ever hurt a child.

    The 20th. I wish when I got things like that, and also the iron fence which I saw in a picture of the people recovering Kayleah, that it was more helpful in finding the child sooner and also that it will someday lead to finding the child alive. I will update things as I get new information but perhaps there will end up being something that might now help to find who did this! I hope!

  5. I know Kayleah's dad we grew up together in Northern California and She did love her dad so very much and he loved her so very much...this breaks my heart...I talk to her Dad pretty much every week....he will never heal from this...I pray every day that the monster who did this is caught and brought to justice ...Rest Peacefully sweet Kayleah We love you!!!

  6. Police chiefs name was Jerry