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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Patrick Alford or Lindsey Baum??

For whatever reason, I have been having more strange dreams than usual.  It has been a while since I've remembered my dreams.. I am going to post both for Lindsey and for Patrick because Patrick has come more into focus, but I am still sorting out a NY connection with Lindsey..

04/05/10 - I was having a strange dream about Lindsey last night.  I was holding or being shown 2 maps, one was Washington State and one was New York.  The emphasis kept being put on the New York map.  Then just as I woke up I heard the word Jamaica.

04/06/10 - I was dreaming again, I think about Lindsey, but I was having trouble remembering what I dreamed.  There was something about toadstools and also I heard Fisher.. and Fisher seemed to be a location.  I could see her putting her fingers all of things like letters, mail.  She was trying to get her fingerprints on as many things as possible that would go out of the house. 

What startled me out of my dream was someone talking loudly in my ear.  It was something like "23% of all kids get food poisioning....."  I don't remember the rest.

04/07/10 Last night I was dreaming once again, and I'm still having trouble remembering my dreams.  I was with someone and we were trying to get the children moved... away from something.  Its still sketchy but there was a man, he was very stocky built, deep set eyes, full squarish face, I would almost describe it as a block face.. weird.  He was short, or maybe he just looked so short because he was so husky.  And bald or there was something on his head because I don't remember seeing hair.  His eyes were so scary and evil and I knew he was very bad.  I had to keep the children away from him. 

Once again I was awoken by someone talking in my ear "I'm going to take the kids to General Joe's today".  Does anyone out there know what General Joe's is???


  1. I don't know what it is, but I do recall reading one of your posts (or maybe one of the other ones that post on this blog) and the word was Joe.

    Jamaica and Washington are streets or places in NY right? They sound familiar.

    Whatever you're dreaming about it does seem like something about the cases are similar though the kids went missing many miles apart. JMO

  2. Jamaica is in Queens, NY.

  3. There's a Trader Joe's in Queens (it's a nice/discount grocery store chain). There's also one in Brooklyn.

  4. Thanks, I will have to check it out, (Trader Joe's) if I can find it on line.. Not that I saw anything, just heard it.

    I did find a Jamaica though.. I hope some of this will help in some way.

  5. I just want to add that I had a vision about Patrick, when I focused on Patrick Alford I saw train tracks I was on the right looking left at train tracks, and also to the left was a big bush. it looked like a very dusty road, not a big city. Just thought I would give you the info. There were no people around either, desolate looking place.

  6. oh, and I used to live in queens, jamaica ave is very long, and BUSY, I used to get off the Long island railroad there to get on a bus to take to flushing, there are so many people there too. It is a predominatly African American neighborhood, and so it could make sense that he went there looking for his mom, maybe??

  7. Thanks Kathleen. I hope this rings a bell to someone.

  8. There's a General Joe's in Tacoma, WA, and one in Azusa and Ontario, both CA, and for some reason, though it may be because of a reported sighting I heard about someone on the beach and she played with his kid, I feel Lindsey is (or at least WAS) on the West Coast and if you think about it, California makes sense. She could be in New York now BUT, and this a large BUT, I saw caravans (or camper vans or RVs) shortly after her disappearance and a Christmas with no snow (California again), please see if this helps.

  9. Thank you for this info. It makes sense!