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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weird Dream

04/03/10 – I was having a really strange dream last night.  I cannot remember it all but I will put what I can because I think it means something.    
I was working with the BAU and we were on a case in the desert somewhere.  We were on the outskirts of an old western ghost town.  Gosh, I know there is something important in between.. perhaps it will come to me later.  But all of a sudden a truck pulling a large open trailer pulled up and there was a group of people inside.  They said they had just been on a ghost tour through the town.  I thought this would be really fun so I asked if I could go on the next trip.  They said yes so a couple of us jumped on.  I was excited to be able to tour the old buildings and see the ghosts of those who lived there in the past.  (that just sort of reminded me of the quill and ink in a recent meditation) I saw the ghost of a young girl, and more but still, its sort of sketchy..  What I remember as standing out is later and what was a ghost tour of an old town seemed to turn into some sort of other attraction.  Outside of these old west buildings were now dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs were attacking the cars and vans of the visitors (part of the show)  I thought, how weird it is to have dinosaurs at an old west ghost town attraction??? 
If I remember any more I will post it.. thinking since Gabriel has been on my mind perhaps I need to search out these kinds of locations between AZ and TX.


  1. Three things came to mind when I read this.

    1. My parents took my son to an old western town when they visited my brother in Phonenix a long time ago. I don't remember the name of the place, but I will see if I can find it. That may help you focus if we have a name.

    2. New Mexico, not long there were many bodies found on the mesa. Perhaps it has something to do with that?

    3. The one that I believe to be true of what your dream means is there is a serial killer that has not been recognized yet. He has dumped bodies in the desert. A recent case of a young girl will bring light to this case. I don't know which desert that will be revealed, but I believe this one is where your blonde girl you mentioned in another thread will be a factor. I would not be surprised to learn that many illegal aliens or teen sex trafficking will be play a part in the discovery that will be made.

    I don't know if any of those three are accurate, but that was my thoughts. However, I didn't get a feeling of Gabriel. In Gabriel's case I believe that the person who took him is from another state or country. They traveled to TX to throw LE and family memembers off. We as humans work with what we know and make sense. Where the mother is from and where she was are things we naturally are going to think of, but in this case I think above TX toward the North East. He's an infant and will change quickly. I don't think it would be hard to conceal him or his identity at this stage in his life. That's my personal opinion.

  2. Thanks for the input! I think TX was a cover also, but I almost feel he might be back in AZ. I hope his father can find him. I feel they might be closer that they realize or are letting on...

  3. I think you're right. It's very possible he could be closer to home. For some reason I get the impression the maternal unit of this situation likes to play games. That is my opinion anyways.

    The tourist place I mentioned earlier in AZ is Old Tuscon. That would be back in AZ if that is what you're picking up on.

  4. There is a place in Apache Junction, AZ called Goldfield Ghost Town. Also a place in Scottsdale, AZ (I believe) called Rawhide. It is an Old West type place. Another Old West type place is near Tucson, AZ called Old Tucson Studios. Some Old West and Ghost places in Tombstone, AZ also.

  5. Anon.. I think these places simply say he is very well back in AZ. Although the first one you mentioned, Goldfield Ghost Town, happens to be on Mammoth Drive. There is my dinosaur! Is that reaching?? lol